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I grew into myself as a writer and acquired the confidence and skill to compose quality essays. College writing is so complicated, but having someone as nurturing and skillful to help me along the way made all the difference. Her experience qualifies her as an outstanding tutor for she has reaped the benefits of the written word.

H.S.-Yale Undergraduate

I was guided through the research process. We made an outline, and after continued support and revision, I crafted an essay. My professor said, “Best essay this year.” She clearly knows what is doing. I highly recommend her.

T.B.-Chicago Accounting Major

I struggled with AP Bio, Honors Algebra, and French. I received so much help and more. I also got advice on how to be more competitive for college and what I should do for my summer plans. I am facebook friends with my tutor and they are always supportive of my success.

M.D.-Boston High School Student



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