We are dedicated to providing superior service and are uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled scholarships that are aligned with our goals and mission to support ambitious students and young professionals.



We offer several options to work with us.  While we offer hourly rates for limited term relationships, we provide on-demand anytime services that are subscription based by academic term (quarters, trimesters, and semesters).  The subscription model allows us to provide in-person and online sessions, video-chatting, email, and text with flexibility and greater ease of access.  Subscription prices vary by city.


We understand tutoring can be expensive. That's why we are offering need-based and merit-based scholarships for students year around. 


If you are eligible for free and reduced lunch plans, are or have a family member on Medicaid, or meet 100% or lower of the 2018 federal poverty line income for your family size, and you have maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher for two consecutive semesters, you may receive a 50% scholarship on all services scheduled.


If you maintain a 3.9 GPA or greater, you may receive a 25% discount on tutoring and a complimentary application or resume review session.

If you qualify for both, kudos! You will receive a 50% scholarship and a complimentary review session.

To request a discount please let us know before your appointment.  You will need an unofficial transcript and other corroborative materials including a free or reduced lunch confirmation letter or the first page of your parents' taxes. Do not worry, we are here to support you! 


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