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We are providing publicly available, virtual real-time social events and activities for families impacted by recent events to combat isolation and foster a sense of community.

Online Poetry Reading 🎙 👩‍💻

  • Mid-March, we are organizing a poetry reading. Read, listen, and discuss! Please sign up below. 

Resume Prep and Polish Webinar Workshop 📝

Reading Book Club 📚

  • Books, anyone! Join us for a reading journal club. We will hope to cultivate a community and we highly suggest attending the first session when posted to help choose the book. Please sign up below. 

  • If you are a library and would like to share this opportunity with your patrons, let us know and we can make a flyer/email with the links available to your audience.

Foreign Language Series 🇧🇬 🇲🇨🇧🇷🇨🇭

  • We are in the process of organizing a few short 4-6 week language learning workshop series. 

  • We are thinking it will be a language that business professionals and everyday people and young adults can enjoy learning with low expectations/low intensity and a high interest in really stretching our minds.

  • These options may include Portuguese, Swiss-German, Monegasque, and Bulgarian.

Evaluating Data in the Media 📝

  • We are planning an evening discussion with a panel of writers, journalists, and data analysts to discuss the impact of our recent "infodemic". The date and time will be posted here. Please sign up below. 

We will make our links public to registrants (free). Please know there is a community out there for you if you want to chime in and have some interaction. 



If you would like to participate or would like to be a poet reader, panelist, or help lead our language and diversity series, please let us know! 

Media inquiries can also be sent here.

Choose which activities excite you.